Author Index

Bradley Alicea, Michigan State University, Biocomplexity of Inducible Cells
Bradly Alicea, Scenes from a Graphical, Parallel Biological World
Bradly Alicea: “Multiscale Integration and Heuristics of Complex Physiological Phenomena

Ramray Bhat, Chicken galectin-1A and -8 constitute a regulatory network that mediates the earliest steps of avian limb skeletal morphogenesis

Eluem Blyden: “The encodon and the parallels between embryogenesis and the making of proteins

Natalie K. Björklund-Gordon, The Evolution of the Cell State Splitter: Motility to embryogenesis

G. Wayne Brodland, University of Waterloo, Video Force Microscopy: A technique that allows the forces driving morphogenetic movements to be determined from time-lapse images

William R. Buckley, Lazy Constructors
William R. Buckley, Self-Replication and Ontogeny in Machines
William R. Buckley, Machine Ontogeny: Part 2, A Partial Constructor

Zi Chen: How the Embryonic Chick Brain Twists

Chris Chetland, Does Biology Need a New Theory of Explanation?

Vito Conte: Traction and stress microscopy for cells: the wound healing case

Susan Crawford-Young, Effects of Microgravity on Cell Cytoskeleton and Embryogenesis

Bruce Damer, The Virtual World: A 21st Century Medium for: I. CyberSpace, II. StreetSpace, III. OuterSpace, and IV. BioSpace
Bruce Damer, The EvoGrid: An Approach to Computational Origins of Life Endeavours

Mike Danilchik, Intrinsic Chirality Properties of the Xenopus Egg Cortex and Left-Right Asymmetry
Michael V. Danilchik, Potential Long-distance Signaling by Blastocoel-traversing Thin Filopodia

Terrence Deacon: “Autogenesis: From Constraint to Regulation

Ute Deichmann, Experimental biology, evolution, and artificially creating life around 1900: Research and reflections by Jacques Loeb

Eva Deinum, The importance of parental guidance: lessons from modeling the self organization of the plant cortical microtubule array

Melinda Fagan: “Waddington redux: simple abstract models and integrative biological explanations

B. Roy Frieden, Introduction to EPI (Extreme Physical Information)

Vincent Fleury, Scaling the Vertebrate Embryo from the Ovocyte Upwards, via Hydrodynamic Flow: Consequence for Evolutionary Constraints
Vincent Fleury, Embryo Segmentation: a Mechano-Genetical Model

Ille Gebeshuber, Bionanoconvergence
Ille Gebeshuber: “Nanobioconvergence

Richard Gordon, Microtubules and Left/Right Asymmetry of Amphibian Embryos
Richard Gordon, Given a Spherical Cow… What Do We Know About the Initial Symmetry of the Fertilized Egg? (Extending “The Hierarchical Genome and Differentiation Waves” 1.01)
Richard Gordon, Whence Epigenesis? (Extending “The Hierarchical Genome and Differentiation Waves” §1.02)
Richard Gordon, Wholeness & Embryogenesis, Part 1 (Extending “The Hierarchical Genome and Differentiation Waves” §1.03, 1.04, 1.05)
Richard Gordon, A Tale of Two Papers
Richard Gordon, University of Manitoba & Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory, Walking the tightrope: The dilemmas of hierarchical instabilities in Turing’s morphogenesis
Dick Gordon, Cause and Effect in the Interaction between Embryogenesis and the Genome
Richard Gordon: “Introduction to differentiation waves. Part 1
Richard Gordon: “Introduction to differentiation waves. Part 2. The evo-devo of epigenetic landscapes as differentiation trees

Martin Hanczyc & Takashi Ikegami, Chemical Basis for Minimal Cognition
Martin Hanczyc & Daniel Merkle: Hydrogen cyanide and the computational origin of life

Albert Harris: “Geometric locations of differentiated cells in sponges are totally unrelated to spatial signals to differentiate
Albert Harris: “The mistaken Differential Adhesion Hypothesis
Albert Harris: “The Physics of Cell Fate Branching: A Swedish Flag Model
Albert Harris: “A List of Thirteen Unsolved Problems of Embryology

Henry Heng: The genome dynamics and constraint in biology

David Holloway, Chemical pattern formation and plant morphogenesis: controlling branching via reaction-diffusion dynamics

Ryan Kerney, The timing of bone formation in frog skulls

Stephen A. Krawetz, Systems Analysis Reveals Novel Activities of Male Germ Cells
Stephen A. Krawetz, When the Sperm meets the Egg: a structural and genomic perspective

Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Sculptured Thin Films: Nanoengineered Metamaterials

Stephen M. Levin, Mechanics of Soft Matter: Application to Evo-Devo
Steve Levin, No matter how much you guys and gals talk about stochastic events, the rules of structure make whatever happens deterministic to a surprising degree
Stephen M. Levin, Biotensegrity: Bioarchitecture & Dynamic Anatomy

Marta Linde, New York Medical College, The origin of a curved beak

Kai Lu, Mechanical control and stem cell fate decision
Kai Lu, “Chromatin and epigenome in relation to embryogenesis and stem cell differentiation

M. Lisa Manning, Emergent mechanical properties in zebrafish embryonic tissues: theory and experiment

Genaro Juárez Martínez, Cellular automata as universal computers
Genaro Juarez Martinez, Designing Complex Dynamics with Memory: Elementary Cellular Automata Case

Rui Pires Martins, Nuclear and chromatin architecture changes accompanying differentiation

Jose J Muñoz, Stress/Diffusion Dependent Morphogenesis
Jose J Muñoz, Natalie K. Björklund, Richard Gordon, Notes from Barcelona

Timothy Newman, University of Dundee, Modelling active cell processes in multicellular sheets
Timothy Newman, Life and death in biophysics

Stuart A. Newman, A Pattern Language for Animal Form
Stuart A. Newman, The origin of animal eggs and the ‘embryonic hourglass’: a new (joint) interpretation

Rob Ninowski: “Introduction to cybernetics

Vasily Ogryzko, CNRS UMR-8126, Universite Paris-sud, Can one use the notion of ground state for the description of a living cell?

Spyros Papageorgiou, A biophysical model can explain the multiscale phenomenon of collinearity of clustered HOX genes

Rudolf Nico Penninkhof, Evomind: Design of Emergent Systems

Alexis Pietak: “Resonance and Plant Morphogenesis

Roger Pique-Regi, Experimental and computational methods for identifying genetic variants impact on gene regulation

Gerald H. Pollack, E = H2O: The Secret Life of Water

Michael Ruse, From organism to mechanism—and halfway back?

Evgenii Rudnyi, Introduction to Finite Element Simulation
Evgenii Rudnyi, Review of Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem by Jeffrey A. Gray
Evgenii Rudnyi: “Does Entropy Play a Role in Biology?

Alexei Sharov, A Short Course on Biosemiotics: 1. Functional approach to the origin of life: emergence of signs in autocatalytic systems
Alexei Sharov, A Short Course on Biosemiotics: 2. Evolution of natural agents: preservation, development, and emergence of functional information
Alexei Sharov, A Short Course on Biosemiotics: 3. The origin of mind
Alexei Sharov, A Short Course on Biosemiotics: 4. Time in living systems

Glauco R. Souza, 3D Cell Culturing by Magnetic Levitation, the Next Generation of Cell Culturing?

Michael L. Smith, Biochemical and mechanical regulation of extracellular matrix signaling: insights from fibronectin

Barbara Tzschentke: Imprinting of body functions during critical developmental periods

Clément Vidal, Cosmic Embryogenesis
Clément Vidal: ” The starivore hypothesis: why the galaxy may be teeming with (post)biology

Michelangelo von Dassow, Biomechanics of development and organism-environment interactions

Matt Wyczalkowski: Mechanisms of Embryonic Wound Healing: Experiment and Modeling

Lisa Willis, Simple physical models of diatom morphogenesis to drive experiment