The EvoGrid: An Approach to Computational Origins of Life Endeavours

Bruce Damer
Digital Space Commons
Presented in the Embryo Physics Course, November 16, 2011


(now Dr.) Bruce Damer will present the results of three years of work on the Evolution Grid (EvoGrid) which is a simulation grid demonstrating an approach to origin of life endeavours. Completed by a team at DigitalSpace including past course presenter Peter Newman, this work was defended by Bruce to earn his PhD at University College Dublin in July. The work presents an approach to simulating a large number of volumes of atoms and using “directed search” to hill-climb to more complex “soups”. This work is proposed as one foundational technique for optimizing any simulation in which emergent phenomena are sought. Bruce will conclude the presentation by describing where the EvoGrid is going, including work by Miroslav Karpis, and his new directive to edit a book for Springer called “Genesis Engines” which will use the EvoGrid results to lay the groundwork for large scale automated chemical experiments to take a run at the origin of life conundrum.



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