Notes from Barcelona

Jose J Muñoz
Laboratori de Càlcul Numèric (LaCàN)
Dep. App. Mathematics III
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain,

Natalie K. Björklund, Silver Bog Research,

Richard Gordon, Department of Radiology, University of Manitoba ,

Presented in the Embryo Physics Course, May 26, 2010


These slides correspond to handwritten notes of a meeting during the visit of Richard Gordon and Natalie Björklund in Barcelona, where they met Jose Muñoz. They present in a synthetic manner issues such as the convenience of using tensegrity structures to model the microtubules, microfilaments and lateral filaments of the cytoskeleton. The plausible mechanisms behind the invagination/involution process and the formation of bottle cells in Drosophila embryos, urodeles and salamanders are also discussed. In particular, the hyperestoration hypothesis, the stress control mechanisms, and the diffusion gradients are briefly described and some experiments that may help to decide which of these mechanisms have a higher influence are also mentioned.



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