Special Issue of BioSystems on Biological Morphogenesis

Special Issue of on Biological Morphogenesis

BioSystems invites manuscripts for the special issue “Biological Morphogenesis”.

This special issue encourages papers that expand existing perspectives of theoretical and quantitative description of morphogenesis. The emphasis will be given to the description of morphogenetic processes through the paradigm of self-organized systems and maintaining their far from-equilibrium state. Articles that provide quantitative insights into the regulation of complex morphogenetic processes will be considered. The approaches to development of integrative models describing spatiotemporal dynamics of morphogenetic events will be presented in this issue.

Topics of interest include, but are NOT limited to:

  • Non-linear analysis of morphogenetic process
  • Physics of embryogenesis
  • Organizational invariance of morphogenetic processes
  • Mechanics in embryogenesis and embryonics
  • Metabolic basis of morphogenesis
  • Electromagnetic fields and electric currents in morphogenesis
  • Dynamic laws of morphogenesis
  • Morphogenetic fields

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